STUSER Tools, HSS, Carbide Tools

Step Drills
Slot Drills
Shell Core Drills
Combination Drill Reamers
Shell Reamers
Shell Endmills
Ballnose Endmills
Side & Face Cutters
Form Relieved Cutters
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STUSER® is an established name in the business of metal cutting tools. Promoted in 1969 by an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field, the company and its brand name STUSER® are synonymous with uncompromising quality. STUSER® has the privilege of being a self-certified supplier to leading automobile, engineering, aerospace & defence companies.

The Company has a completely integrated unit with facilities for heat treatment and flash buttwelding.The Company manufactures solid carbide tools on 6 axes CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders.

Core Comptetence
STUSER® manufactures High Speed Steel, Solid Carbide & Brazed Carbide Metal Cutting tools.

Our Strengths
Specialists in the field of metal cutting
Competent design team
Highly skilled work force
Captive heat treatment & flash buttwelding facility
Strict adherence to delivery schedules
STUSER Tools, HSS, Carbide Tools