STUSER Tools, HSS, Carbide Tools

Step Drills
Slot Drills
Shell Core Drills
Combination Drill Reamers
Shell Reamers
Shell Endmills
Ballnose Endmills
Side & Face Cutters
Form Relieved Cutters
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STUSER® is an established name in the business of metal cutting tools. Promoted in 1969 by an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field, the company and its brand name “STUSER®” are synonymous with uncompromising quality. STUSER® has the privilege of being a self-certified supplier to leading automobile companies.

Facilities at STUSER® include
TGT 6 axes CNC and Tool & Cutter Grinder
WALTER CNC tool & Cutter grinder
Wyssbrod Automatic Flute Milling Machine
Zoller Tool Inspection
N.C Hob Sharpening Machine
Broach Sharpener
Optical Profile grinders
Thread grinders
High precision surface grinders
Flash Buttwelding
Heat Treatment
and many other precision machinery required for tool manufacture.
STUSER Tools, HSS, Carbide Tools